Dr. Suresh K Gupthan

Dr Suresh K Guptan is a Committed & Dedicated  Philanthropist  and  a humanitarian and a healer  to  explore the all avenues to provide maximum relief and comfort to the patient and Our clients.He believe that a depth of knowledge and skill and experience in a specific subject is an authority.

In India more than 30core people are suffering for distressed in serious Mental Diseases, psychological problems and mental health issue. More than 40 core peoples are suffering sexual disease & sexual problems. About 10 core peoples are suffering infertility .In Kerala 6 out of 10 is facing psychological problems & 3 out of 10 is facing serious mental disease. Actually chemical fluctuation in brain is the root causes of all mental disease. So our research institute focus in the way of treatment in root causes based only. We have no treatment in symptom & indications so our victory is only root cause diagnosis . So we have a lot of clients & patient all over the world & Global level.

So in pathetic area we are semi charity. So our treatment method is very cheap, best and merciful approach only.

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