• Vice President – Central Human rights Forum – CHRF
  • SEVA RATNA AWARD WINNER 2014 for Charity & Social work(Tamil Nadu –State)
  • PADMASREE Nominee 2014
  • PADMASREE Nominee 2015
  • PADMABOOSHAN Award Nominator 2016
  • PADMABOOSHAN Award Nominator 2017
  • International Humanitarian Award Nominator 2015.
  • An Honorary Award by Guptan Sevana Samajam (a registered Community organisation in Palakkad, Kerala) for acknowledgement of   charity social work &  Securing number of medical degrees – 2016
  • Medical Director & Advisor forever charitable trust, Cherpulassery, Palakkad District. ( )
  • Renowned social & Charity worker/Committed Philanthropist/Humanitarian.
  • Dedicated Medical Researcher, a Committed Healer & Doctor
  • Padma Sree &  Padmabhooshan   Award Nominee 2015 Union Government.
  • Escaped and protect more than 2000 disabled psychiatric and pathetic and destitude                                                               people in South India.
  • Service provided with free of cost to 2 Orphanages in Kerala.
  • Adopted and service in three villages in Kerala.
  • Medical help and financial support more than thousands in Kerala.
  • Make more effort into eradicate and root out in beggers in Kerala.
  • A committed human right worker and a social  Reformer against Dowry,Corruption, Malpractice & Bribery in the Country & also Against Professional misconduct also.
  • A renowned counselor  for brain, Organs donation and blood donation in all over the country.
  • India’s No 1 academic medical degree holder ( more than 14 medical degrees and certificates)
  • Only one Indian to obtain and achieve research doctorate degree in psychiatry in The revealed root causes of serious mental diseases like schizophrenia and bipolar Disorder and other psychological disorders.
  • Only one person in India to give free of cost treatment in pathetic psychiatric patients.
  • Worldwide recognition in Charity social work
  • National leaders great persons, officials, scientist are approved the charity work.
  • Only one person in India to get two doctor of Medicine degree and one Medicine MS
  • Degree with 23 years of continuous research.
  • Affiliation / Membership
    Director & CEO
    Arogya Research Centre ( An Research Institute with Promoting Mental Health, Sexual Health, & Emotional Health.
  • Member of Indian Dietetic Association- Kerala Chapter
  •  Member ( Life)  – Arokkya Acupuncture Therapist  Associations – Salem – Tamilnadu
  • Executive Committee Member All India Nature cure & Herbal Cure Federation, Chennai